Self Levelling Epoxy

Self Levelling Epoxy

The self levelling epoxy surface is used for areas which get a lot of foot traffic throughout the day, this is because it is resistant to damage and can be cleaned easily.

Self Levelled Industrial Floor

Self Levelled Industrial Floor

This type of indoor resin flooring has been tested to meet Ferfa safety and quality guidelines, as well as providing and attractive and seamless finish for different facilities.

Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring

As industrial flooring specialists, we have years of experience as well as expert knowledge to provide you with the highest standards.

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Self Levelling Epoxy

Most people will have probably seen self-levelling epoxy surfacing in warehouses and pharmaceutical centres but it can also be installed in a wider range of places. The reason that it is used in heavily active areas such as factories is that it has excellent damage-resistant qualities, it is strong and very durable.

The strong features are very desirable qualities for most facilities as it they require very little upkeep and can be long lasting, which can be very cost-effective.

Our expert team are very happy to talk you through the products we supply and install so that you can get the right flooring for you. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided or click here - to find out more information regarding the range of surfaces we have available. We've got years of experience and expert knowledge to ensure you get the results that suit you. 


What is Self Levelling Epoxy? 

Self-levelling epoxy is a resin coating that is applied to several surfaces closest to you, which helps increase the strength and durability of the flooring. This self levelled industrial coating provides a smooth and level, satin finish which is perfect for several industrial properties in your surrounding area.

Whether you require this protective coating for a nearby hospital, school, kitchen or any other facility, we can give you everything you need to know to get the results you want. Please contact us today if you would like to find out more information or to speak to one of our experts. Simply fill out the contact form provided and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Surface usage

The self-levelling-epoxy surfacing can also be installed in a range of colours which will not only make it look visibly appealing but can also be used to mark out certain areas and paths that people have to use. If your facility can get quite dirty and there could be spillages, this floor is a great option because it is really easy to clean and maintain.

As this resin surface is smooth, if anything falls on it, it can be easily cleaned up by wiping or mopping the area. This is a useful feature for food preparation industries, maintenance facilities, plant rooms and any other spaces that could have spillages.

Please fill out the enquiry form if you are interested to find out any more information on costs and specifications of self-levelling epoxy surfacing or if you would like to receive our quote.


Self-Levelled Industrial Flooring

The self-levelled industrial flooring which we can install meets the NBS M12 resin guidelines and provides a seamless finish which is great for hygiene and contamination reasons. This also meets Ferfa guidelines for quality and safety as it offers a protective floor coating.

There are different suppliers of this material; these include Sika, Degafloor and Flowcrete and each of these supplies great quality materials that we can install. You can find out more about the range of surfaces we have available here which can show you all the resin floorings we have available. 

Specialist Surfacing Contractors 

As specialist indoor flooring contractors our installers are all self-levelled industrial flooring experts and have carried out many installations of resin floor coatings all over the UK. This has given them more experience and knowledge of how to deal with more challenging resin floor projects.

The team will be able to discuss design options with you so that your facility gets the appropriate surface that you need whether it’s a science lab, aviation hangar or boiler room. As there are many different colours of self-levelling epoxy surfaces, this is another task that we can help you with.

Every self-levelled industrial surfacing job that we carry out is different, this is because clients have different needs and they have to meet certain criteria. Our specialists will create unique specifications that meet all of your organisation’s requirements.

When designing a specification many things have to be looked at, such as existing surface condition, area size, location, uses and colour. When we have received all of this information, we will be able to start creating a bespoke design for your local epoxy resin floor system.

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