Industrial Resin Flooring Contractors

Industrial Resin Flooring Contractors

Our services include the installation of resin flooring systems for industrial facilities, factories, sports halls, restaurants and many other locations.

Indoor Resin Surfaces

Indoor Resin Surfaces

Resin flooring is ideal for indoor facilities which need to be easily cleaned and provide anti slip qualities in busy industrial spaces.

Protective Resin Coating

Protective Resin Coating

Protective resin coating is a great surface option for a number of facilities across the UK that are wanting to have a hard wearing, reliable surface.

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We are professional resin flooring installers who can provide facilities with extremely high-quality, premium resin surfacing at an incredible price. After working in the industry for over 10 years and completing thousands of resin flooring jobs, we are able to offer free, no-obligation quotes for resin flooring installations at amazing prices no matter how large or small.

With hundreds of local resin flooring specialists installers based all over the United Kingdom, we can offer brilliant prices for resin surfacing and can complete jobs very fast.

To learn more about the type of poured resin floor options that we supply, please fill out the contact form below, and a member of our team will get back to you with the best rates for surfacing.


Many industries require hard-wearing resin flooring with anti-stick qualities as safety is a key feature throughout all working environments, and most facilities want a durable, aesthetically pleasing surface.

We are happy to give you all the information you require to ensure you're getting the best results.

As specialists within the industry, we can provide you with our professional knowledge and expertise to make sure we offer the perfect flooring solutions that you are looking for.  

What Are the Benefits of Resin Flooring?

  • Price - Resin is a relatively cheap material that allows for a very cost-effective flooring method for your facility.
  • Durability - Once the resin is completely hardened, it is extremely solid and can withstand heavy use and shocks and impacts.
  • Abrasion Resistance - Resin flooring will not be damaged when something heavy abrades the surface.
  • Chemical Resistance - Unlike most flooring choices, resin flooring is extremely resistant and durable when it comes to chemical spillage.
  • Aesthetics - Our resin floors comes in a variety of colours and designs to suit your specific needs and look exactly how you intend it to.
  • Safety - The high-quality resin floors we offer comes with an anti-slip layer to support friction and prevent slips and falls.
  • Lifespan - Resin surfacing can last over 10 years even with constant use so it is an extremely long last flooring option.

What is Industrial Resin Floor Paint?

Resin industrial factory floor paint is a high-performance epoxy resin coating for industrial floors and high-traffic areas. The paint is designed to have great abrasion resistance and a long-lasting high build gloss.

Where Should You Use Resin Flooring?

The materials used could be anything from Epoxy Resins, MMA Quartz to Polyurethane Poly Resin products, and this covers a wide array of applications, including:

  • Industrial Warehouse Resin Flooring
  • Commercial Factory
  • Plant Rooms in schools, hospitals, office blocks, hotels, boiler houses
  • Delivery Bays for supermarkets, loading bay areas
  • Workshops – vehicle repair centres, mot bays, valeting areas
  • Maintenance – Bus depot maintenance floor, rail maintenance flooring, train station maintenance hub
  • Commercial kitchen – food factories inc fish and salad, slaughterhouses, food preparation areas
  • Stadium Concourse – toilets areas, changing room resin floors
  • Hangars – Aeroplane Hangars, Automotive Hangar, Helicopter Hangars
  • Sports Hall – Badminton Courts, Tennis, 5aside Football, Dance Studio, Indoor Athletics 

As expert nearby installers you know the works will be of the highest quality. Please fill in the contact form for our best prices, quotes or NBS M12 Resin Flooring specifications details.

You can also click here - to find out more details regarding the industrial resin surfacing and protective coatings facilities. 

NBS M12 Flooring Specification Systems

The NBS M12 Resin Flooring Specification Systems covers a huge array of suppliers and manufacturers, and as installers, we find these to be the most specified products on the market.

Sika has great materials, as are BS EN ISO14001 manufactured products, and Altro are innovators and love inventing things.

Flowcrete claims to have a product for every single application possible with a huge list of awesome materials. Tremco, Watco and Degafloor also have a vast array of products available.

Protective Coatings Near Me

So with regards to the manufacturers of the resin flooring solutions near you, we can install protective coatings, waterproofing, polished concrete refurbishment, or whatever you might need.

The installations are all solvent free and poured resin floor solutions are to be installed to any size or shape with many colours available to give a decorative finish.


What is Resin Used for?

Resin is used for several local facilities in looking for a hardwearing surface that will take heavy impact.

Industrial resin flooring is perfect for a range of facilities closest to you, including hospitals, warehouses, kitchens and schools, as they are easy to maintain, clean and install.

This surfacing has protective coatings applied, which makes the epoxy resin flooring stronger and reduces the chances of damage.

What is resin used for 

We're able to provide you with all the necessary information and details to ensure you get the best results to suit your property. 

Industrial resin can come in a variety and colours and styles to suit you and your surrounding areas. As experts, we have years of experience and specialist knowledge to ensure you get the product that suits you.

Feel free to contact us today if you would like to find out more information or click here - to see our full range of surfacing options. 

How Do You Resin a Floor?

You can begin applying the epoxy resin when the floor has dried. Using the drill and stirrer bit, mix the resin epoxy in a bucket. If the resin is not correctly blended, it will not adhere correctly.

After you've mixed the resin, use painter's tape to outline the area where you'll be putting it.

Which Surface Is Better To Apply the Resin Floor Covering?

A smooth, completed epoxy floor coating converts a simple concrete slab into an oil- and water-resistant, easy-to-clean surface.

As resin flooring specialists, we can also offer underfloor heating for your resin flooring. Many of our past clients have chosen to install UFH (underfloor heating) when choosing their epoxy resin flooring.

How Much Does Does Poured Resin Flooring Cost?

The truth is that epoxy resin flooring isn't particularly costly. Epoxy is long-lasting, easy to clean, and protects your garage resin floor's polished concrete substrate. We also offer very cost-effective solutions.

Epoxy is a good investment if you want to restore and protect your garage resin floor.

Other Resin Flooring Services We Offer

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Whether the product is PMMA, Epoxy, Polyurethane or Quartz surfacing, the project will be seamless, decorative, and installed to the best quality.

As members of the resin floor association, we pride ourselves on being the best value company in the UK, which does not necessarily mean the cheapest because we never use a cheap product. Still, if you compare quotations on a like-for-like basis, we should never be beaten on price.

Test us out today and fill in the contact form asking for a price. You will love the service and experience you have with Industrial Resin surfacing Contractors as we have carried out several installations as well as expert knowledge. 



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