Polyurethane Indoor Resin Surfaces

Polyurethane Indoor Resin Surfaces

We install polyurethane resin flooring for many indoor spaces including factories, labs and sports hall facilities as these create durable, long lasting and attractive surfacing solutions.

PU Sports Hall Markings

PU Sports Hall Markings

Sports halls in schools, leisure centres and other facilities can be installed in a polyurethane material with coloured line markings for each of the chosen activities.

Polyurethane Resin Specialists

Polyurethane Resin Specialists

As specialists, we have the highest standards in place to ensure you get the best quality results, for a great price.

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Polyurethane Resin Surfaces

We are the best professional Polyurethane Indoor Resin Flooring Installer in the UK with thousands of case studies completed to leisure centres, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. As the flooring is slip-resistant and durable, they can be perfect for many facilities that want a surface that may be safe and last many years. 

If you would like to see previous projects completed please fill in the enquiry form where we can send you images, videos and costs of these flooring systems installed. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge to ensure you get the results that suit your facility. We're happy to give you all the details you require to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. 


What is PU Indoor Resin Flooring? 

Polyurethane indoor resin is made up of 2 layers to make the floor so strong and durable, which is perfect for inside sports games. The first layer is rolled out and glued to the designated area, which is made of a granular rubber base.

The next layer that is applied is self-levelling elastic polyurethane, this gives it the anti-slip, durable feature which makes it attractive to customers. It is also simple for us to add line markings to the new flooring for nearby sports pitches as the PU indoor resin can be the perfect indoor football, tennis, netball and basketball surfacing.

To find out more please out the contact form above and a member of our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible. Or look here https://www.resinflooring.org.uk/ to find out how industrial resin could be perfect for your facility. 

PU Resin Installers 

After 18 years of installing these Polyurethane indoor sports floors within the UK, why do we market ourselves as being the best? This is simply because we understand what our clients require. We provide the best value PU sports resin flooring specifications which are long-lasting, durable and perfect for a multitude of activities or events.

These could include internal 5-a-side football, mini tennis areas, badminton courts, volleyball line marking, basketball surfacing to dance studio systems ideal for children and kids to play onto. When we say the best value you need to realise this does not mean the cheapest because something we will not do as a professional company provides a cheap inferior material but on like for like quote our costs should not be beaten.

Challenge us and fill out the contact form asking for the prices and costs of the NBS M12 resin flooring polyurethane markings. You can even ask for specific designs if you are looking to see how your existing facility could be renovated and refurbished.

We will reply as soon as possible with product data, costs and advice to help you along the whole process, and with our pricing being fully transparent we find this helps build trust and a synergy between both parties. You can take a look here - https://www.resinflooring.org.uk/products/mma-resin-flooring/ to see a wider range of surface options that we have available. 


Polyurethane Resin Specialists Near Me

As local polyurethane resin specialists near me we're able to provide you with high-quality resin flooring that is suitable for many facilities. This surface option is great for several schools, colleges and universities closest to you as it is slip-resistant and durable.

Our team has specialist knowledge and a large amount of experience to ensure you can get the best possible results. please fill out the enquiry form provided to speak to our professionals and learn more information! 

PU Indoor SportsHall Markings

Are you confused as to what colour PU Indoor sports hall markings to choose? If so then we can offer you a range of colours from red, blue, yellow, white and many more. Lots of schools, colleges and leisure centres tend to ask what is the most popular colour selected and in all honesty, it comes down to personal preference.

However, if the facility is designed to be a full multi-use games area then you tend to find all colours are needed. This is because you start to run out of options when you have tennis courts, basketball keys, athletics lanes, badminton courts and 5 side soccer sporting lines.

The polyurethane NBS M12 resin flooring specification is a seamless surfacing system that provides slip-resistant qualities which are important because you need to make sure the facilities are not slippery for when the children are playing activity on the sports hall surface in your surrounding area. The flooring is very durable and has long-lasting characteristics which will prevent damage and protect users from slipping over when using the area.

Get in Touch 

As we supply and install the polyurethane materials in the United Kingdom, by filling the enquiry form we can offer advice as professional consultants and assist architects to specify the correct products.

We will also talk with building contractors about the time spent on-site to install the materials. As the system is a specialist specification we strongly advise doing your full research on the companies tendering the works and hopefully, you will decide we are the right company to work alongside you in getting the perfect surface installed, on time and within your budget.

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