Warehouse Flooring Company

Warehouse Flooring Company

We have installed flooring for hundreds of warehouses in the past and can use our experience to provide you with a great indoor resin flooring solution.

Warehouse Flooring Solution

Warehouse Flooring Solution

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Warehouse Resin Flooring

Our warehouse flooring installation specialists are trained and experienced in the art of providing smooth, comfortable, protective and otherwise useful warehouse flooring surfaces tailored to each client's needs. With countless previous customers under our belt, we have developed plenty of expertise in offering the best flooring possible.

Warehouse flooring is always important. Whether it is a major industrial warehouse or a small storage structure, having a good resin floor offers better protection and allows for more control over the markings that employees follow. But what makes it so useful?

Why Is Industrial Resin Flooring & Industrial Flooring Important?

A good warehouse floor material can be used as a safety measure, a navigation tool and an extra utility all in one. Our flooring solutions are meant to offer all manner of benefits, from slip resistance to a smooth finish that makes forklift traffic a lot more comfortable.

Health and Safety in the Warehouse Flooring

An industrial floor is a health and safety measure that is in constant use. A safe workplace should maintain a good floor in high-traffic areas, protecting employees from slips and falls. Our flooring solutions can offer this, along with eliminating greasy floors that might cause trips or tumbles.

Vehicle Traffic

Pallet trucks and forklift trucks are a common sight in heavy traffic warehouses. Keeping heavy forklift traffic separate from pallet truck use with floor signage can make it much easier to distinguish different parts of the industrial floor, rather than having to use simple cones.

Hatched Areas

Marking your flooring with epoxy resin over concrete also allows you to dedicate flooring spaces that vehicles should not use. This can be important for any resin floor that has overlapping 'roads' or a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Safe Crossing Points

Heavy machinery can endanger employees, but zebra crossings painted into new epoxy resin industrial flooring makes it easy to follow proper operation and avoid collisions between pedestrian and forklift traffic. We have a range of floor paint options and countless bespoke line marking methods.

Slip Resistance

Apart from safety, a non-slip flooring system can help ensure that important equipment and cargo does not slide around the warehouse, especially on slight inclines. Pedestrian traffic can also move around with less risk on slopes or raised areas.

Chemical Resistance

An epoxy floor with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance (and possibly a second coat of protective material) ensures that even dangerous chemicals can't disrupt warehouse operations for very long.

Impact Resistance

New concrete floors can take a lot of damage if something heavy dents them. Epoxy resin can sometimes be more heavy-duty, especially if you take weak concrete floors, prime with epoxy resin, and then paint with protective paint. We can create a combination that works for even the most dangerous industrial warehouses.


Resin flooring is often very easy to clean, especially with specific cleaning-friendly chemicals used as a coating. Whatever you need, we can put together a solution that will allow you to keep your floor clean, even if you handle a lot of chemicals that can cause frequent stains or track in dirt and mud.


Our selection of resin flooring is generally solvent-free, and we use paint with a good pot life. The floor itself can also be prepared with shot blasting or grinding as needed, making it easy for us to install your new flooring systems whenever it is convenient for your warehouse staff.


Good resin floors are ideal for line marking and floor paint signs, which can include pedestrian routes, fire exits (clear and visible from a distance), and dust-free materials that will not cover up important labels.

Oil Resistance

Epoxy resins can be good for avoiding issues with oil residue. Clean floors are less likely to pick the residue up, keeping foot traffic safe and stopping potentially flammable oils from flowing anywhere dangerous.


A lot of heavy-duty high bay racking appears in modern warehouses, so level industrial flooring is important for keeping it steady. Our technical team can make sure that your new flooring system creates level warehouse floors, especially in areas that naturally slope.


Whether used for navigation or just as an aesthetic choice, we can provide a lot of colour options, all made from the best primer epoxy available to us. This allows you to replace a bland concrete floor with a more colourful flooring, which may even help with toggle navigation on self-driving vehicles.

Future-Proofing your Warehouse Floor

Improving your flooring can benefit you in the long run. For example, toggle navigation in self-driving cars often uses lines, so you can direct this toggle navigation with custom flooring if your company uses those vehicles. Another example is anti-static epoxy resin, which prevents static electricity shocks.

These things are not necessary for a lot of modern warehouse buildings, but they could be useful in the future, especially if your business expands to new ventures or operations. This could even include moving into forklift use after originally being a pedestrian-only warehouse.

Do I need to Use Warehouse Resin Floors?

A good warehouse floor will offer a huge amount of benefits, and resin flooring has quickly become one of the new standards for warehouses over concrete. While your exact flooring systems might vary depending on the kind of flooring you need and the sort of warehouse flooring layout you have planned, they are all still worth the expense.

These floors are generally better than any other option, offer more control over the design and layout, and are easier to work with once they are installed. This makes it much easier for us to tailor the flooring to your exact requirements, no matter how complex they might be.

If you want to know more about what we offer or the kinds of flooring that we can provide, get in touch and let us know what you have been thinking about. It is very likely that we can offer a type of flooring which perfectly suits the requirements that you had in mind, even in a large warehouse.

What Now?

Our warehouse flooring is made with the highest-quality methods and materials that we can gather, and we are able to tailor each resin flooring project to the client. Whatever you need, we can offer a solution that works for you, no matter how specific your requirements might be.

Get in touch and let us know what kind of work you are looking for, along with any personal information about contacting you or details of the warehouse itself. The more we know, the easier it becomes to figure out a basic plan if you decide to work with us directly.


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