Car Showroom Resin Flooring

Car Showroom Resin Flooring

We have resin flooring options for many facilities including car showrooms. For a free, no-obligation quote, please contact our team using the contact form below.

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Car Showroom Flooring

Car showrooms can be a major part of any dealership or any other company in the automotive sector. A car showroom environment contributes a lot to how a car dealership can show off their vehicles for sale, and some attractive showroom flooring can go a long way.

Having the right surface in place offers more than just an attractive colour and material. Choosing an anti-slip or low-maintenance flooring system can provide extra benefits that can make a car showroom safer, more comfortable or easier to manage in the long term.


Our car showroom flooring options are designed to suit each and every flooring project. We have a wide range of resin flooring types available, as well as the ability to offer a bespoke extra touch: from improved chemical resistance to a unique pattern of colours that leaves a lasting impression.

Who Are We?

We at Resin Flooring are a specialist flooring systems provider, focusing mostly on resin and epoxy resin flooring. Our expert staff can provide some of the best car showroom flooring on the market, providing each car dealership client with a unique flooring type that is matched to their needs.

We have worked with countless clients in the past, delivering some of the best industrial flooring and car showroom flooring on the market.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Car Showroom Flooring?

Our car showroom flooring is some of the best available in 2022, created to an extremely high standard of quality. We have had years to refine our flooring and are able to produce the perfect solution for all your industrial flooring or car showroom flooring needs.

Past Work

We can also provide a range of flooring benefits over other companies, such as specially-designed anti-slip properties or improved chemical resistance. This has allowed us to improve each flooring surface we create, making them the ideal choice for car showrooms and countless other facilities.

Over 20 Years Experience in Car Showroom Flooring

Our 20+ years of experience in installing resin flooring - from residential flooring systems to large-scale car showroom flooring - has given us a lot of time to refine our skills. We have installed resin flooring for thousands of facilities across the UK, including many vehicle bays and car production lines.

Improved Skills

This experience has also given us an understanding of how cars interact with flooring and how to produce car showroom flooring that offers the right levels of abrasion resistance, slip resistance, load-bearing reliability and general durability. When we create flooring, we do not cut corners.


Automotive Resin Flooring

Our automotive sector resin flooring is designed to work with vehicles, whether that is in car dealerships and car showrooms or inspection pits for heavy vehicles. We can design the best resin floor surface options for your needs, creating the perfect showroom for your car dealership or display building.

Bespoke Work

We tackle each flooring project as a unique task, developing showroom floors based on what each individual client wants. Every one of our resin floor projects is meant for a specific customer, using a combination of high durability, easy maintenance and attractive designs to suit your needs.

Every one of our flooring options for car showrooms is built to be durable. This does not just mean physically durable, but also stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, low-maintenance, and easy to replace if anything happens.

Types of Showroom Floors We Install

We can offer a wide range of showroom floors, all tweaked and updated to suit individual customers. This means locations and projects like:

  • Automobile Showrooms
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Motorcycle Display Floors
  • Truck & Trailer Retail Areas
  • Vehicular Equipment Showrooms
  • Customer Waiting Areas
  • Public Restrooms
  • Administrative Offices
  • MOT Workshops and MOT Bays

Tackling Each Project

All of these require a different approach and a new kind of flooring. For example, MOT bays and inspection pits need something more durable and harder-wearing than car showrooms but are not usually required to look attractive or offer much colour. They also need to handle dirt well.

Working With You

We can work with our clients to provide the highest-quality resin floor for their needs, right down to the colour and design of the flooring itself. Specific details, like marked-out walkways or safety lining, are also on the table and can easily be added to your new flooring as requested.

Why Choose Resin Flooring For An Auto Dealership Showroom?

Getting the right flooring for a car showroom environment is not just about finding something durable. A space like a car dealership relies on its flooring every single day, especially when heavy vehicles are involved, and sub-standard flooring will only cause problems.

We at Resin Flooring can provide more than just the absolute basics. Our flooring is designed to suit individual situations, created as a bespoke piece of work for each client that aims to match their needs properly.


All of our resin flooring is designed for maximum durability, especially the high-quality epoxy resin that we can offer. Our epoxy resin is able to withstand a lot of long-term wear and tear, acting as a good load-bearing material and enduring heavy traffic with minimal damage.


Our epoxy resin flooring is often stronger than concrete and also tends to be more damage-resistant. Thanks to the unique composition of epoxy resin flooring, it can endure things that would crack concrete and will hold up to repeated heavy loads without showing scratches.

This flooring tends to be one of the best ways to floor a car dealership or similar vehicle-heavy space, providing a tough anti-slip base that can resist damage while also helping to protect customers.


While flexible in a physical sense, our epoxy resin can also flex after being installed, allowing it to protect floors by bearing weight instead of simply cracking under heavy loads. Less damage means fewer repairs and cheaper maintenance, as well as improved safety.


In terms of long-term safety, our epoxy resin flooring systems tend to provide great slip-resistance, as well as great protection against chemicals and general damage. All of this leads to better overall safety.

Not only is our flooring meant to help keep people safe, but we can adapt it with extra features or options as needed. This includes safety lining, marked-out walkways with solid-colour lines, and specific areas with even more anti-slip protection.


Epoxy resin floors tend to be more hygienic than any other floor type, providing stain resistance and easy cleaning options. For a surface in a car dealership, this can be important since epoxy flooring makes oil leaks or tyre marks easy to clean off.

Beauty and Creativity

We can be especially creative with our epoxy flooring, aiming for whatever aesthetics would suit your space best. We can adapt each flooring system to provide patterns, colours, and other design choices that create the perfect atmosphere for your dealership.

This could mean having defined spots for cars coloured into the material or putting your dealership's logo into the floors. Whatever you are looking for, we have a range of ways to provide it, so do not hesitate to ask for something specific.


We aim to keep each flooring system cost-effective and easy for smaller businesses to afford, ensuring that they can still get the floor they need. We have a range of ways to reduce the cost of our floors, including good relationships with flooring material suppliers - as well as the low cost of resin.

We can discuss the specifics of each flooring system cost directly, allowing us to come to an agreement on which services you actually need. We want each floor we install to be affordable and great-quality, using our full range of experience to provide both whenever possible.

Quick Installation

We always try to get your floor installed quickly and easily, with resin flooring being one of the fastest we can install. This makes it an ideal option for short-notice flooring installation and ensures minimal disruptions to your business.


Our resin floors are very versatile and can offer a wide range of benefits, meaning that they are suitable for almost any situation and location. A single floor can withstand the weight of a Land Rover while also offering unique combinations of colours to really make the surface feel alive.

We can tailor your new resin flooring to your exact requirements. Each of our floors meet VOSA standards and normal safety requirements, making them great floor options for any business or site.

Resin Line Marking

We can mark lines into our resin flooring, putting colours into the surface to form obvious lines, arrows, and other shapes. This lets us mark the floor out with words, boundaries and symbols in larger spaces, helping with safety and navigation as well as aesthetics.

Car Showroom Flooring Cost

It is hard to calculate an average price of a floor like this since so many different services and features can go into even the simplest of floor surface options. This means that there is not an exact way to measure the expected costs.

We can talk with each of our clients to get a better handle on their budgets and limits, letting us propose ideas that suit their own boundaries. We want each floor to be something that clients are comfortable with, and that includes comfort with the costs.

Best Flooring for Car Showroom

Our services lead to some of the best flooring choices for car showroom spaces all across the UK. They are durable, safe, reliable, well-made and meet VOSA standards, allowing them to be used alongside cars and other vehicles properly.

How Long Does Car Showroom Flooring Take to Install?

The installation time of your new flooring will vary heavily, getting longer and longer as the project increases in scope. We can provide estimates in the planning stage and will keep you updated on any delays or unexpected pushes to being ahead of schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is resin flooring?

Resin flooring is just any floor made of durable resin plastic, often using a hardener as well. These floors are highly versatile and can work in countless different roles.

Why choose resin flooring for a car showroom floor?

Resin is a very versatile material with a lot to offer, making it one of the best options for all kinds of different locations and scenarios. It also allows us to tailor your flooring to your needs much faster and with lower overall costs.

Why choose resin flooring for an auto dealership showroom?

Resin is durable, flexible, reliable, and can be upgraded or reinforced to make it better at supporting vehicles on a regular basis. It is also easy to colour, which is important in many commercial or display spaces.

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Our resin flooring is suited to a huge range of different scenarios and locations, as well as providing even more benefits compared to other flooring options. Our own skills and experience have enabled us to create some spectacular results in countless other UK companies and businesses.

If you want to know more about what we offer, then you can get in touch with our expert staff. We are always happy to talk over your options and find the flooring that works for you.



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